As an experienced clinical psychologist, I provide evidence-based treatments for mental illnesses and psychological problems. I also help people improve their emotional wellbeing and achieve meaningful goals in order to live richer and more fulfilling lives.

I have had experience working in a range of mental health settings with clients of all ages. I also have several years’ experience as a teacher and school counsellor so have a comprehensive understanding of the difficulties young people may face at school.
I have completed a Bachelor of Liberal Studies (Psychology major) with Honours in Psychology, a Master of Psychology (Clinical), and a Master of Teaching (Secondary).
I am fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia, a full member of the Australian Psychological Society and the College of Clinical Psychologists and a registered Medicare provider.

What is a clinical psychologist?

Clinical psychologists are experts in mental health who have training in the assessment and diagnosis of mental illnesses and psychological problems.
They have specialist training in the use of a range of proven treatments informed by research that they tailor to meet individual needs.

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